I’m a scholar of Renaissance literature and culture, but culinary history is also a major interest of mine — especially since I love to cook!  For several years I’ve been translating early cookery texts for my own interest, and I’ve finally gotten around to creating a space to share my translations publicly.

Part of the reason I chose a blog format for was to allow readers to comment on the text, and maybe offer thoughts about some of the culinary terms that stumped me.  (There is a lot of obscure vocabulary here!)  I’ve tried cooking some of these recipes, too, and I’d love to hear from readers who do as well! If you have a question that won’t fit in a comment, feel free to email me directly.

You can read more about my academic work here. I also have another blog dedicated to cooking and travel. And once in a while I tweet.

If you wish to use these translations for educational purposes (such as a school project or a cooking workshop), that is wonderful, but please remember to cite this website and credit me (Ariane Helou). Thanks, and happy reading!


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