I’m a scholar of Renaissance literature and culture, but culinary history is also a major interest of mine — especially since I love to cook!  For several years I’ve been translating early cookery texts for my own interest, and I’ve finally gotten around to creating a space to share my translations publicly.

Part of the reason I chose a blog format for was to allow readers to comment on the text, and maybe offer thoughts about some of the culinary terms that stumped me.  (There is a lot of obscure vocabulary here!)  I’ve tried cooking some of these recipes, too, and I’d love to hear from readers who do as well!

You can read more about my academic work here. I also have another blog dedicated to cooking and travel. And once in a while I tweet.

If you wish to use these translations for educational purposes (such as a school project or a cooking workshop), that is wonderful, but please remember to cite this website and credit me (Ariane Helou). Thanks, and happy reading!


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